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Aug 19, 2021

This weeks Jam: a new daytime drive-in theater, the largest new autonomous vehicle network in America, T-Mobile has multiple mishaps, 3D printing houses out of moon rocks, batteries powered by sweat and so much more.

Dumb Tech of the Week- Double whammy edition

  • T-Mobile apparently lied to government to get Sprint merger approval, ruling says- Link
  • T-Mobile confirms data breach affects over 47 million people- Link

Weekly Discussion

  • The future of digital payments- Link/Link

Tech News Bytes

  • Wendy's plans 700 kitchens expressly for food delivery apps- Link
  • It Sounds Like Google's Find My Network for Android Will Work Just Like Apple's- Link
  • Samsung Display Announces Polarizer-less OLED With 25% Less Power Used- Link
  • NASA's latest space station cargo includes a 3D printing system for lunar soil- Link
  • Nation's largest fleet of autonomous vehicles launches in Golden, Colorado- Link
  • Tesla Autopilot: US opens official investigation into self-driving tech- Link
  • Your next smartwatch could be powered by SWEAT- Link
  • Boston Dynamics Atlas Robot Does Gymnastics?- Link
  • Loco Drive-In, the country's first daytime drive-in movie theater- Link

Resurrected Tech

  • Local and anonymous social media app Yik Yak is back- Link