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Sep 23, 2021

This weeks Jam: the Mustang Mach-E joins the police force, Lucid Motors handily beats Tesla on range, Alphabet beams internet across the Congo, Microsoft ditches passwords, McDonald's adds a sad meal to the menu, and so much more!

Dumb Tech of the Week

  • OpenSea admits insider trading of NFTs it promoted- Link
  • DoorDash to offer alcohol delivery in 20 states DC, Canada and Australia- Link

Tech News Bytes

  • Michigan State Police to begin testing Ford Mach-E Interceptors- Link
  • The Lucid Air is the first electric car with a 520-mile EPA-rated range- Link
  • Alphabet's Project Taara is beaming high-speed internet across the Congo River- Link
  • Hyundai puts Boston Dynamics Spot robot to work as a factory safety inspector- Link

Tech RIP

  • Microsoft's passwordless plans lets users switch to app-based login- Link
  • McDonald's begins phasing out plastic toys in Happy Meals- Link