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Jan 21, 2021


The Most likely item we would actually purchase

-Mike: Amperes Shower Speaker

-Alex: Lenovo Concept UFO

Favorite smart home product from CES

-Alex: Nobi smart light sensor

-Mike: Gardyn Smart Home Garden

Not sure the price would be worth it

-Alex: Infinity Game Table: Virtual board games with a touch screen

-Mike: MyQ Smart Pet door ($3000)

Game changing product

-Alex: LG Rollable Smartphone tech

-Mike: Panasonic Car Heads Up Display

Product that will never see that light of day

-Alex: Toto Health Analyzing Toilet

-Mike: Samsung Bot Handy

Top health Announcement

-Alex Fluo Labs Allergy device

-Mike: EyeQue: DIY Smartphone Vision Test, VisionCheck 2

Top wearable device announcement

-Alex: Vr Haptic Feedback vest

-Mike: TCL Wearable Display

Best in Green Tech

-Alex: Samsung Solar Remote

Mike: Reusable Shipping Boxes

Dumb tech of the week

-You can open LG's new refrigerators with your voice | Engadget

Creepy Tech of the Week

-Samsung Bot Care