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Oct 1, 2021

This weeks jam: the Surface and Amazon announcements, Spotify charging artists extra fees, states are banning fossil fuels and so much more!

Dumb Tech of the Week

  • This robotic backpack follows its leader wherever you may wander- Link
  • Spotify’s New “Marquee” Promotion Feature Is Forcing Artists to Pay to Reach Fans They Already Have — As Much as $0.50 Per Click- Link
  • Apple finally lets you rate its apps on the App Store- Link

Surface Even Announcements

Amazon Announcements

  • Amazon's $250 Echo Show 15 is a giant smart display for your wall- Link
  • Amazon Astro is an Alexa robot that roams your home- Link
  • Amazon Glow is a kid-focused video call device with interactive activities- Link
  • Amazon's Alexa-enabled Smart Thermostat only costs $60- Link

Tech News Bytes

  • Amazon's department store plans reportedly include high-tech dressing rooms- Link
  • Europe may require all phone manufacturers to use USB-C charging- Link
  • Illinois becomes 1st Midwestern state to pass a law to phase out fossil fuels- Link