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Jun 29, 2017

Follow us @thefuturejam on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Jared joins me(Mike) to talk and speculate over the latest Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft news. Join the conversation. Ask to be a member of the private Facebook Group.

Jun 21, 2017

Gadgets like Auto Aiming Rifles, Self Driving Lawn Mowers, Athletic Wear with Bio-metric tracking, and Language Translating Earbuds are bending the lines between Science Fiction and Science Fact. Follow us @thefuturejam on Twitter and Instagram

Jun 13, 2017

Listen and amuse yourself. If you think roller-coasters are fun, wait till you hear what is to come in the FUTURE!

Jun 6, 2017

What If technology keeps advancing at the current rate; will we ever lose jobs to automation? When tasks are made simpler with robots, automation, and artificial intelligence, and when their implementation becomes more widespread, whose to say that someday our current jobs and careers won't get replaced. It's a...