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Sep 17, 2021

This weeks Jam: New Apple announcements, Gmail is getting video calls, the Switch had Bluetooth but now it "has" Bluetooth, the end of driver's license tests, and so much more!

Dumb Tech of the Week

  • The Gmail app takes calls now, too, because Google wants it to do everything- Link
  • Nintendo Switch gets Bluetooth audio at last- Link

Apple Announcements- Link

Tech News Bytes

  • Barely anyone is using Apple Pay in stores anymore- Link
  • Hands-on with Facebook and Ray-Ban’s first pair of smart glasses- Link
  • Amazon's palm-reading tech is heading to sports stadiums and music venues- Link
  • Whoop’s new fitness tracker is better thanks to a battery breakthrough- Link
  • iRobot's latest Roomba can detect pet poop (and if it fails, you'll get a new one)- Link
  • LG claims its ‘Real Folding Window’ beats folding glass, will ship in 2023- Link

Driver's Test RIP

  • Mississippi nixes road test for new driver’s licenses- Link
  • Crash-avoidance tech unsurprisingly benefits young drivers the best, data shows- Link
  • Tesla Autopilot results in decreased driver attention, new study finds- Link